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Lets Go Bucs!

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31st May 2008

summerrsand12:04pm: i am selling this jacket on ebay! brand new! 100% authentic!


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15th July 2007

varro6:22pm: Swept again...
....I hope Nutting is enjoying his ivory backscratcher he just bought from the money he saved for us not having a center fielder...

(Yes, I am bitter.)

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7th June 2007

varro11:42am: Defeat from the jaws of victory...
When are the Bucs going to let go of Salomon Torres?

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16th May 2006

zookeeper10:18pm: What a great game!
Nice to see the Bucs have a great game like tonight's :) Earlier today, in an email, I was grumbling about Burnitz, and then he has a heck of a good night. It figures LOL

Okay, now a favor. Not Pirates related, but it is baseball related. Any kind souls wish to help, go here:

Scroll down to the box that says Who should be the next Clipper enshrined in Dysart Park? Vote for Rex Hudler. He's the Anaheim Angels announcer and my wife the Angels fan and I think it would be a real hoot if Hud could get his number retired at that park. He played there for three or four years before moving up to Yankee Stadium.
Thanks :)

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9th April 2006

dclarion10:20pm: Speaking Of...
I take it that e-mail addresses of Pirates players/coaches/manager are generally unavailable? I wouldn't mind sending Jim Tracy a congratualtory note. I doubt he'd remember me (haven't seen him in something like 30 years), but a word of congrats might be nice, anyway...

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dclarion9:52pm: I See That Your Guys Won!
Congratulations, peoples! May this be the first of more than a few.

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7th April 2006

zookeeper7:29pm: Anyone seen the real manager??
I've been watching the games on MLB.com and I swear, every time they show Tracy, he looks like he's asleep, or in a coma. And, watching the pitchers screw up over and over, I'm beginning to think he really is asleep!
I just watched the Pirate pitcher(Maholm) give up two walks and a two run homerun and the bvest Tracy could do is send the pitching coach out to chat with the guy? How about yanking his butt off the mound and giving the ball to someone else?
Has anyone bothered to remind Tracy he isn't in Los Angeles anymore??

On the plus side, other than the pitchers, I do see a much better team so far this season. At least they haven't given up, they play like they want to win, even down to the last out. I applaud them for that. I can only hope the season improves greatly. Lets Go Bucs!!!

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2nd April 2006

dclarion3:55am: John Steigerwald, You're So Full of Crap
First of all, hi <waves furiously>

Now, on with the show...

I was just enduring John SteigerAss Steigerwald on KDKA Sports (and I employ the moniker advisedly), and just had to marvel at his stupidity (as well as his obvious inebriation).

Over and over, it is "Woe is us, we the small-market team, who have had nothing good since my childhood in 1960!"


I went to BaseballReference.com and started counting. Leaving off the travesty that is the current division alignment, where a 79-83 record can have you finish in second place, I looked at 1970-1993. In those 24 seasons, the Pirates finished third or better 15 times.

With seven division championships.

And two World Series titles.

That's pretty damned good in any league. I grew up in Cleveland, rooting for the Indians, for the love of St. Gulik! I got to know every square inch of the basement, and most of the footers!

And speaking of the Indians, just how is it that a team with a market and payroll a short-hair's width better than that of the Pirates can be in such better shape? Sure, last season was a redux of the 1969 Cubs, but they still played a pretty fair game, and look to do at least as well, this season.

For that matter, how about the Twins?

And on the flip side, let's look at the Phillies and the Dodgers. With two of the biggest markets in baseball, shouldn't they be alternating World Series appearences year after year?

Perhaps the Morons Who Report Sports In Pittsburgh should take a hard look at the numbers and themselves, and the fans should perhaps keel-haul McClatchy and his tax-sheltering minions. What the Pirates really need is a new front office.

And, by the way... Yay, Nationals!

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20th December 2005

uptowngirl036:08pm: just a question.

does anyone know what ty wigginton is doing now? if he's looking at another team, or if he's just...doing nothing?

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8th December 2005

q_without_a_u7:57pm: The hell?!
Now Mesa and Rob are gone?! What are we doing?!?! I personally LOVED Mack, and was very neutral on Mesa, but we just lost both of them! Mesa, I can see why, but come on, why Mack?! WHY?!

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6th December 2005

q_without_a_u11:04pm: Winter Trade means one thing: New Pirates!

And Pirates leaving. Reds trade Casey to Pirates for left-hander Williams

Thoughts, responses, ideas? Personally I couldn't be any more impartial to it. I never really cared much for Williams, but at the same time I didn't necessarily dislike him. But Sean Casey could be of help to us, so why not, eh? Anyone else?

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11th October 2005

zookeeper12:56pm: what is Littlefield thinking?
Jim Tracy??? They couldn't find anyone better than him??

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1st October 2005

zookeeper2:13pm: Just wondering...
What changes will the off-season bring? Anyone have any ideas?
Personally, now that Tampa Bay is done with him, I'd love to see the Pirates pursue Pinella. He seems like he'd be a good match for the "youngsters" we have.
What do you think??

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12th September 2005

funblast11:32am: Overheard in Pittsburgh
I figure Pittsburgh is a good place to overhear someone saying something interesting/crazy/funny, so I thought I would let everyone know about Overheard in Pittsburgh.

If you overhear anything interesting - on the street, in class, on the bus - pass it along to me with a brief description of the people involved at overheardinpgh@gmail.com.

In Pittsburgh, this city of college students and work-a-day joes, of arts and beer and unreliable public transportation, it's hard not to overhear little bits of other people's lives.

In line at a fast food restaurant, a man yells into his cell phone.

He's yelling for you.

On the bus, two girls gossiping about a celebrity couple.

They're gossiping for you.

In class, a professor says something he really oughtn't.

He's saying it for you.

Welcome to Overheard in Pittsburgh, a collection of impromptu little public performances, reported and displayed for your enjoyment.

Overheard in Pittsburgh:
We're not eavesdroppers, we're attentive listeners.

[Crossposted to Pittsburgh communities]

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6th September 2005

q_without_a_u2:51pm: ( Pirates Fire McClendon )

Guess it was all in due time.

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31st July 2005

_scotty7:49pm: Jody Gerut
Anyone else kinda disappointed with the lack of trade deadline deals? Who is this Jody Gerut guy? Everything I read about the trade normally just talks about Lawton & I already know about him. I just hope this Gerut guy is a smarter base runner & a better fielder than Lawton.

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28th July 2005

varro11:57pm: J.J. Furmaniak
I live in Portland now, and watched this guy play - he's a 3B-SS with good power and a decent glove. He hasn't played the outfield, so I won't compare him to Rob Mackowiak, although he's the same type of hitter.

The Beavers will be helped by Ross; they've had a horrible time getting any production from their catchers.

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25th July 2005

zookeeper5:02pm: Trades??
Here in the Los Angeles area, I have heard a rumor or two about a Pirate pitcher possibly being traded to the Angels. Are any of you guys hearing rumors? I thought the GM had decided not to butcher the Pirates this year by giving away players.

What's going on, Bucs fans??

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21st July 2005

alwaysinluv087:56pm: Help, please!
Hey guys, i know this is for the pirates, but, seeing as you are all my fellow fans, i am praying someone out there will be willing to help me.

I'm in a rut. See... my boyfriend and i have been dating for just about a year, and i am searching for something to get him for our "one year". I mean, i know everything he likes and all, but, i am not a 22 year old guy. I am not a 22 year old guy getting a gift from my girlfriend of a year. Do any of you guys out there have any ideas? Or any of you girls who have been in this situation?

I know i should know what to get him, but he is soooo hard to shop for. I want something fun, and cute, yet, something i know he will like, and it will remind him of me.

I really, really need help. Anyone willing to help, please let me know any ideas you may have!

Come on guys, please help me out here!
Current Mood: distressed

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13th July 2005

chopper111:24pm: Anyone watch the all star game?
Anyone watch the all star game and get disappointed because they never played Jason Bay. I know he was chosen just because a pirate had to be represented but Jason Bay was rookie of the year last year.

Anyone think it was because of Tony Larossa hating Mcclendon?

I wish Bay would have had a bat or even an inning in the field!

Current Mood: annoyed

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11th July 2005

zookeeper9:26pm: Poor Jason :(
I watched the Home Run Derby, and was bummed to see Jason Bay hit zero home runs :( Poor guy! Guess I was a little off when I voted on the MLB site and picked Jason to come in first place at the finish. Oh well, he seemed to give it his best, and was close on a few of those hits, and he did seem to be having fun which is what the Derby is all about.

Now that that is out of the way, I can go back to concentrating on the rest of the season, praying that the Bucs will end up with a decent year. There's a championship team here, one of these years, I can feel it!
Let's Go Bucs!!!

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8th June 2005

pensfan665954:14pm: Hi everyone, My name is Greg, I live in the MD and I am a big fan of the Pirates.

So I walk into gym and the guy whos locker is next to mine starts off by giving me excuses for why the Orioles lost last night, so later on i hear the same thing from another Douche bag.

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2nd June 2005

varro2:21pm: Sweep the Marlins!
Can the Bucs sweep the Marlins? Dontrelle Willis is pitching for the Fish, but we battered Brian Moehler around for 5 runs last night, and he had the 4th-best ERA in the NL going into last night's game...

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16th May 2005

chopper111:49am: Fourth Straight
Hey everyone

What about them buccos? A fourth straight series win, those bucs have really turned their season around from the month of April. Has anyone gone to any games lately? I've only been to home opener, it's hard with working nights this summer...

Have a great weekend, and let's go bucs!!

Current Mood: excited

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12th May 2005

varro9:44am: Wooo....great road trip, and an interesting thing happened in yesterday's game...

Rookie outfielder Ray Sadler got his first major-league hit - a home run! The Giants fan who caught the ball tried to do the "Wrigley Insult" - throwing an opposing team's home run ball back onto the field, but all that did was make sure Sadler would be able to save his first hit/home run ball.

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